Fat White Chiefs
Of Sins and Passion
Style: Progressive Metal
Release date: 2011
Playing time: 39:44

By tradition there are more metal bands than usual in the city of Pleven, Bulgaria. FAT WHITE CHIEFS are inheritors of the Pleven's metal school. The guitar player Zhivko Nenkov participated in the classic thrash metal band ABSOLUTE that was destroyed by the inertia of the communists’ repressive machine in the post-communist period. He and the vocalist Atanas Kostadinov took part in the emblematic progressive-thrash band SIDER which left one unique album. With the recent joining of another foundation member of ABSOLUTE to the crew it seems that the circle begins to close.



“Of Sins And Passion” evokes good mood and sounds as a progressive metal album. It is rich in prog melodies with demonstration of exquisite instrumentalism in the guitars and rhythms, and also in the keyboards and the high vocals. As if FAT WHITE CHIEFS have something from the modern American scene. In such a way appear passages with heavy clipped riff upon which more aggressive vocals are decided. The album is made of melodic couplets or choruses and as a contra-point from aggressive ones. The band has own face and writing which could be found in the melodies. The heavy moments carry the memory for PANTERA and something from the metal-core. The power of the vocals also is in the melodic singing. The aggression reminds some faceless vocalist of modern bands. The contrast, of course, has its effective results in the listening of the quintet.


The end of the album is even more contrasting. After the KREATOR-riff from “Blind Faith” (“Terrible Certainty” ‘87) and MEGADETH-like vocals of “Obsession” (#8 song) we can find a ballad with pop-lyrics, QUEENSRYCHE-musicianship and a chorus as if coming from album of HAMMERFALL.


This interesting debut also has its weaknesses. It needs more post-production for strengthening of the soldering between the different components. The recording is at a good level but today the level in progressive metal is colossal. The good art-ideas are downcast by the graphic work of the front cover. It seems that the release of the album is overhasty. We will expect from FAT WHITE CHIEFS a second album with more depth.


“Of Sins and Passion” is indeed an album that definitely deserves more attention and that should be heard by wider crowd! With the proper support from a label the band could achieve more! Go for this interesting debut and bang your heads!


01. Intro

02. Master Joe

03. Sixth Sense

04. Hunter of Dreams

05. Of Sins and Passion

06. You Know Why

07. Different Point of View

08. Obsession

09. The Shine of Your Eyes

Label: Self-Released
Reviewed by: Maria D.S.
Date: 2 July, 2011
Website: www.myspace.com/fatwhitechiefs1