Style: Modern Rock
Release date: 10 Ocotber, 2011
Playing time: 61:26

"The Open Doors" was released in March 2006, so Evanescence has surely taken the time to compose a new album and they have used the time to grow into a harder and more powerful version of their former self. When you have experienced commercial success like they did with their impressive "Fallen" album from 2003 there will always be expectations for them to give the fans a new blockbuster album with many commercial rock songs.

But the musical landscape changes all the time and Evanescence has thankfully changed as well and even though this album does have its commercial moments, the sound on this album is darker and harder without sacrificing their trademark and easily recognizable sound. First single and opening song on the album: "What You Want" is one of the simplest songs they've ever written and it never got off the ground in the charts... but several other songs have the potential to strike back; first and foremost their best song since "My Immortal" - "Lost in Paradise", a wonderful power ballad.

This is clearly their most mature and diverse album to date, and an album that shows that they are a lot more than a power ballad and a pretty face kind of band. While it might be their least accessible album it is also their most challenging album, an album where they really go outside the box and spreads their wings wider than ever before. Amy Lee is off course still the face and voice of the band, and she sings as emotional as ever before about everyday troubles seen thru her eyes. Her emotional voice haunts you in a good way and she proves once more why she is considered to be one of this generation most influential rock vocalists and for good reason.

"Evanescence" is a good album, more diverse and deeper than their previous albums and an album that does take time to really take in and appreciate fully.


01. What You Want
02. Made of Stone
03. The Change
04. My Heart Is Broken
05. The Other Side
06. Erase This
07. Lost In Paradise
08. Sick
09. End of the Dream
10. Oceans
11. Never Go Back
12. Swimming Home
13. New Way to Bleed [Bonus]
14. Say You Will [Bonus]
15. Disappear [Bonus]
16. Secret Door [Bonus]

Label: Wind Up
Distribution: EMI (Denmark)
Artwork rating: 75/100
Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen
Date: 15 October, 2011
Website: www.evanescence.com