The Shortest Way
Style: Melodic Doom/Death
Release date: 12 December, 2011
Playing time: 64:59

This is the second album by Spanish doom metal band Evadne. If you don't know which style they play you only have to look at the song titles and you should get an idea. Negativity and mourning rules. What to think about a title like "One Last Dress For One Last Journey"? Excellent title if you ask me. The music is o.k. too, although they have not been picked up yet by a label yet. This can only be a matter of time.

Songs in a style that sometimes reminds me of Draconian with nice grunts of singer Albert form a nice combination with the melancholy clean vocals. Classic piano parts, atmospheric keys and slow riffs can all be heard in the songs. Not a lot of new elements for the genre, but executed very well. The production done by Dan Swanö puts the icing on the cake. The eight songs are all above the 5 minute mark as you can expect from a doom band. A sporadic female voice can be heard too. An album that will be respected by the general melodic doom fan and I think this album will bring them a step forward again.


01. No Place For Hope
02. Dreams In Monochrome
03. This Complete Solitude
04. One Last Dress For One Last Journey
05. All I Will Leave Behind
06. The Wanderer
07. Further Away The Light
08. Gloomy Garden

Label: Independent
Promotion: Lugga Music
Reviewed by: Reinier de Vries
Date: 14 December, 2011
Website: www.myspace.com/evadneband