Born in a Sick World
Style: Thrash Metalcore
Release date: April 2011
Playing time: 30:00

Escapeinout was formed in 2009 by Strazzio (vocals) and R.G. Noise (Bass). This is the third Italian band I'm going to review in a short time. The album was mastered at Finnvox Studio Helsinki by Mika Jussila and has a modern thrashcore sound. The songs are all rather short and to the point. With Zed Favara on guitar and Frank B. on drums the line-up is complete.

The music on the album is rather average and is what you can expect from a metalcore band with thrash influences. Not very original and not something you will throw you off your chair. I never had a moment of big impressions. It is all musical well performed but on a scale of originality they will not score very high. All has been done before and perhaps the genre does not create a lot of room for new things. If you are a fan of the genre, you will like the album, but I have heard it so many times before and after listening to it several times, this CD will not be one that I will pick up very often.

Nevertheless, the music is not bad and for lovers of the genre it is a decent album. Another negative point is in my opinion the short playing time, half an hour music on a CD isn't something you expect in these modern days. For vinyl it even is a short length.


01. Resurrection of the Black Angel
02. Virtual Disorder
03. Seeking New Horizons
04. Infinite Love
05. Without Lead
06. Toxic Planet
07. Bad Feeling
08. Cannibal
09. Liar You Must Pay                                        10. Criminals

Label: Lost Sound Records
Reviewed by: Reinier de Vries
Date: 11 May, 2011