Empire Drowns
Empire Drowns
Style: Gothic Metal/Rock
Release date: 2011
Playing time: 11:46

Formed in Copenhagen Empire Drown plays a dark form of rock with gothic elements. You can compare their style with a softer Paradise Lost. I don't hear a lot of new elements in their music. The vocals are a bit melodic, but after three songs you have had enough of it. The three short songs are in the same slow/mid tempo, almost without any tempo changes. The musicians know how to play their riffs and the only thing that keeps the music from getting boring are the short tracks. Nothing new, nothing special, just for those people who want to own everything in this genre.


01. Crawl
02. Abundance
03. Sharpen My Teeth


Label: Independent
Distribution: empiredrowns@gmail.com
Reviewed by: Reinier de Vries
Date: 19 July, 2011
Website: www.facebook.com/empiredrowns