Eden's Curse
Style: Melodic Metal (Hard Rock)
Release date: 18 March, 2011
Playing time: 58:09

Eden's Curse started in 2006 around the members Michael Eden (Eden's Curse) and Paul Logue. After their debut 'Eden's Curse' and their second album called 'The Second Coming', they are now ready with their third one. I have the idea that this is the heaviest one to date. With members from 5 different countries jamming together will be the biggest problem, so I wonder how they do that, perhaps they just exchange music through the World Wide Web.

Nevertheless, they did a good job. Two members give the music something extra: first there is guitarist Thorsten Koehne, only the guitar work is enough to give this album a try. His frivolous guitar work puts the icing on the cake. Another member that attracts attention is keyboarder Alessandro Del Vecchio, he is not an unknown musician and has already been playing in many well-known bands. With his at times Hammond-like sounding keys he finishes it off. Vocalist Michael is not the best one in the genre, but he does an average job. With James LaBrie contributing in the songs "No Holy Man" and "Jerusalem Sleeps" (a few contributions) and Andy Deris in the track "Black Widow" they made their record even more interesting. But, it is not all gold that glitters, you sometimes get the idea that you heard some music parts before and the Dio cover is not the best cover I have heard lately, but just a nice extra. With a ballad, an epic track, a few heavier ones and a few just in between the album is nicely balanced and doesn't get boring.

Melody, orchestral arrangements, superb guitar work and for the bigger part well written songs are the keywords for this album. The religious lyrics never get preachy, so that should not be a problem for the pure atheists. Fans have yet another good album and if you like music that lies between Royal Hunt, Pink Cream 69 and Yngwie, you should give this one a try too.


01. Trinitas Sanctus
02. Trinity
03. Saints of Tomorrow
04. No Holy Man
05. Guardian Angel
06. Can't Fool the Devil
07. Rivers of Destiny
08. Dare to Be Different
09. Children of the Tide
10. Black Widow
11. Jerusalem Sleeps                                         12. Rock 'n Roll Children

Label: AFM Records
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Reviewed by: Reinier de Vries
Date: 9 March, 2011
Website: www.edenscurse.com