Dr. Living Dead!
Dr. Living Dead!
Style: Crossover thrash-o-rama
Release date: 15 August, 2011
Playing time: 36:00

There's this bunch of guys who get together one evening and start listening to Slayer. Then they get out a round of beers, and once they reach the end of 'Reign in Blood', one of them gets up and shouts: 'Fuck this! We'll start a fuckin' band! Right fuckin' now!'

'No, no, wait, we have to listen to this one first,' his other drunken mate yells and throws in a disc called 'Handle With Care' by a band by the name of Nuclear Assault. The first guy, the Slayer guy, approves and starts banging his head.

Once that album is done, the third dude has to have a say as well: 'Listen, guys, this is 'How Will I Laugh' by the Suicidal Tendencies. This is the shit!' The two first guys have to admit that he's got a point (even if he's now jumping up and down and throwing odd hand signs all the sodding time).

'Hey, let's mix all of this!' the fourth guy in the room exclaims, 'It'll be fuckin' great!'

And it is! This is a marvellous album. It sounds more 1986 - 1989 than 1986 - 1989 did! It's Nuclear Assualt, ST and Slayer put together in a fantastic blend. It's like a big 'guess from which mid-to-late eighties thrash album' quizz, with direct references to Hell Awaits, Reign in Blood and multible ST and Nuclear Assault songs.

Pathetic? No! It's done with such style, passion and conviction by these four masked Swedes that you've got to love it if you in any way could relate to the crossover scene of the eighties.

36 minutes of pure joy!


01. World War Nine (02:10 )
02. Slime From above (02:21)
03. Revenge On John (02:04)
04. Streets Of Doc Town (02:37)
05. Kindergarten Cop (01:58)
06. Kill Me! (01:56)
07. Dead End Life (02:52)
08. My Brain Is For Sale (02:45)
09. Dr. Living Dead (02:20)
10. Hard Target (02:13)
11. Feeding The Cyco (01:19)
12. You're Not The Law (02:02)
13. Chucky (01:34)
14. Gremlins Night (02:09)
15. UFO Attack (02:16)
16. Reptiles Beneath (04:06)

Label: High Roller Records
Promotion: Sure Shot Worx
Artwork rating: 75/100
Reviewed by: Thomas Nielsen
Date: 7 December, 2011
Website: Dr. Living Dead@MySpace