Dennis Develin
Tip of the Tongue
Style: Glam Rock
Release date: 2012
Playing time: 32:30

Macho attitude, well pumped and full inked arms and a big love to the 80's party rock 'n' roll with influences of Mötley Crüe, W.A.S.P and the other glam rockers with lyrics in the lightweight and easy listening division. That was my first impression of the album 'Tip of the Tongue' from Danish rocker Dennis Develin. It's heavier than pure glam rock and Dennis' voice got parables with UDO (Accept), but he got more rasp and is rougher in the vocal chords.

Toghether with his companions Jonas Roxx and Tommy Hansen, Dennis has made a classic rock piece that surprise me with some lead hard tracks with hard guitar riffs and heavy drums. Not technically challenging, but liberating with straight, simple and entertaining party rock for old and young metal heads. 'All You Got' is a live favourite already in my ears, with easy to learn and catchy choruses and in the capitaving track 'A Backseat Fighter' Dennis does get loose and my feet got problems to remain still. You will get just over an half hour debonair and careless rock music and some air guitar tempting parts to enjoy with your party brothers, specially in the above mentioned songs and in 'Can't Die Fast Enough' and 'Birds of Fire'. The track that stands out a bit on the albums is 'Afraid', which is a melodic track with a nice guitar solo and with more of adult vibes for a change.

For me Mr Develin and c/o was a new acquaintance and it was a a positive session and I really hope that fans of testosterone-fueled rock 'n' roll will buy this record from this Danish dynamite man. . . .


01. All You Got
02. A Backseat Fighter
03. Afraid
04. Can't Die Fast Enough
05. 2805
06. M.F Man
07. Pussy Of A Friend
08. Never Let You Go
09. Birds Of Fire
Ladies Of The Eighties (Bonus Track)

Label: Sound Box
Distribution: --------
Artwork rating: 58/100
Reviewed by: Patrik Skoglund
Date: 30 December, 20121