Carnival is Forever
Style: Death Metal
Release date: 15 July, 2011
Playing time: 42:45

Besides Vader the other rather known Polish Death Metal is Decapitated. Initiator is guitarist Vogg and this is the first record with a complete new line-up; Kerimh Lechner on drums, Rafal Piotrowski, vocals and Filip Halucha on bass complete this new line-up. They have already played over 100 shows since January 2010 and that can be heard on this record. The death metal is very technical and it even has some prog/jazz influences can be heard in their music. Strong riffing, sometimes in a Meshuggah kind of way combined with dissonant drumming are other things that can be heard on this album.

New shouter Rafal reminds a bit of the old singer Covan but the band has developed their style in a more professional way. Also some modern sounds have been embedded in a few songs, but not in an irritating way, it suits the songs. The members are very technical skilled and the guitar work of leader Vogg is very convincing. The at times complex music is not always easy to understand after one spin, but after a few spins more the songs stick and you discover their strength. If you are fond of technical death metal and Nile and Morbid Angel are bands that you like, this album is one you certainly must try. After the disappointing new album from Morbid Angel, this is one you certainly will dig.

A strong return by Decapitated and the new line-up took care of a fresh wind and even better songs.


01. The Knife
02. United
03. Carnival is Forever
04. Home Sum
05. 404
06. A View From a Hole
07. Pest
08. Silence

Label: Nuclear Blast
Distribution: Warner Music
Reviewed by: Reinier de Vries
Date: 13 July, 2011