Germany's Next Death Metal
Style: Death 'n' Roll
Release date: 25 March, 2011
Playing time: 46:39

The conductor of DEBAUCHERY Thomas (“The Bloodbeast”, “The Blutgott”) Gurrath delivers his seventh full-length strike. This is not one-man band but for sure is one-brain band. The attractive idea easily gathers supporters amongst the local death metal scene.


Based on death-core the philosophic ideas of Mr. Gurrath are moving for a long time into a groovy direction. But obviously there are people who perceived it unserious and some of them ended his teaching practice in philosophy.


This release is decorated with tamed variant of a logo. It reminds of his more rock-oriented album from 2008 “Continue to Kill”. The traditional concept “blood &. tits” here is in a commix vision. This reflects on the contents of the album: rock ‘n’ roll performed with a little bit heavier guitars and core-grind vocal. “Germany’s Next Death Metal” is with the most softened sound amongst the albums of DEBAUCHERY. It seems that Thomas melts the concepts of his death metal project and his rock band BIG BALL. The title does not suit the album at all!


The mood which this music brings reminds of SIX FEET UNDER. The worse is that without being cover songs these tracks sound like “Graveyard Classics II” of the above mentioned band. The love toward AC/DC is another connecting point between Thomas Gurrath and Cris Barnes. The tempo often is slower. When listening to the title track “Germany’s Next Death Metal” somehow EAGLES OF DEATH METAL (the American alternative fun band) comes into mind. The bonus release includes a single from 2010 “Schools Out”. It’s obligatory for you to see the cover artwork of the single!


This is a very relieving album after a hard working day. But a dose of lack of ideas squeezes through it.


01. The Unbroken

02. Zombie Blitzkrieg

03. Warmachines At War

04. Animal Holocaust

05. Bloodslaughter Onslaught

06. Germany’s Next Death Metal

07. School Shooter

08. Death Will Entertain

09. Armed For Apocalypse

10. Genocider Overkill

11. Killing Is Our Culture

Label: AFM Records
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Reviewed by: Maria D. S.
Date: 24 March, 2011