The Sound of Perseverance (Re-issue)
Style: Death Metal
Release date: 15 February, 2011
Playing time: 56:00

When Chuck passed away on the 13th of December 2001, the world lost one of its most gifted and influential musicians. It is our fortune that he, despite his passing at such an early age, left us with a substantial catalogue of music. The development of Chuck and his music from the debut, 'Scream Bloody Gore', to this album, 'The Sound of Perseverance', which will be re-issued by Relapse Records shortly, was immense and a true ride for us fans. Every album would bring new, amazing riffs and mark new ground covered for Schuldiner and his ever-changing crew.

'The Sound of Perseverance' also saw Chuck entering new territory when it was released in 1998. The band was in actual fact the same as the much more melodic Control Denied project, but the style nothing like it. 'The Sound' was probably the most aggressive Death album and many were surprised to hear Chuck's voice on the album. His growl had changed and taken on the character of a more shrill gnarling if you like. I remember it took some time to get used to the new Chuck. But it was worth it.

Like it was the case with its predecessors, the music of this album showed the indeniably great musical talent of Schuldiner and his capabilities as a song writer. Complex, diverse and hard hitting patterns. Intelligent and thought-through, yet chrushingly heavy with a major progressive side to it.

My favourite songs on this album were always the title track, Bite the Pain, Spirit Crusher and Flesh And The Power It Holds. This remains true now that I revisit the album upon the re-release. This doesn't mean that the remaining songs are weak. Far from it. Voice of the Soul is a beautiful instrumental piece. To Forgive Is the Suffer is a crushing piece. A Moment of Clarity throws punches of heavy metal and thrash inspired heaviness and the Painkiller cover is legendary.

The re-issue comes with an additional disc that contains the demos of all the songs that would eventually become the album. As it is usually the case, this kind of material is only relevant for the geeks and fanatics. I find it relevant.

It is interesting to hear songs like Spirit Chrusher and Flesh... without Chuck's vocal and to realise even more just how strong these tunes are. Bite the Pain and A Moment of Clarity feature an even more crude and agonised vocal by Chuck. Otherwise, you can muse over the funny drum sound, the lack of bass on some songs and the odd guitar that falls out because of the lack of mix. As I said - you have to be a fan to appreciate this!

This re-issue is an obvious opportunity for those who live in ignorance about the greatness of Death and Chuck Schuldiner's legacy to finally behold the power it holds!


01. Scavenger of Human Sorrow
02. Bite the Pain
03. Spirit Crusher
04. Story to Tell
05. Flesh and the Power It Holds
06. Voice of the Soul
07. To Forgive Is to Suffer
08. A Moment of Clarity
09. Painkiller

Label: Relapse Records
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Artwork rating: 65/100
Reviewed by: Thomas Nielsen
Date: 13 January, 2011