Days of Anger
Death Path
Style: Thrash Core
Release date: 25 February, 2011
Playing time: 45:35

"This is new Swedish thrash band". Such a sentence has disappointed me several times when I listened to the music of the respective band. Well, I will choose a careful approach because Sweden has not succeeded to build thrash scene and thrash tradition. There, where the young musicians have no inspiration it is necessary the old dogs to help...


The bass player and vocalist Alex Jonsson and the drummer Kristian Hiotari were a part of the heavy metal band TORCH founded in 1979. They passed through the groovy project SCAAR where the guitar player Alf Johansson participated and in 2010 they formed the band DAYS OF ANGER.


The debut album starts with speed and a strong thrash riff. The guys indeed are angry! Alex alternates the strophes with such a fury that his expression goes into hardcore gender. DAYS OF ANGER are not afraid from the slow tempo as well - four of the songs (3, 5, 6 and 7) are decided to be slower without this to be disadvantage of the heaviness of the songs or of its aggressiveness. In the changing its rhythm "Symptoms" (4) we can hear a melody as if from the late Gothenburg scene. "Split on Your Grave" (8) carries in its heart a Rock ‘n’ Roll feeling but it sounds in a way as if KREATOR make cover of MOTORHEAD. "Buried Alive" (9) reminds us that the band can also play ultra-faster. The final track demonstrates that maturity with the change of rhythm and mood.


Each of the songs carries something specific and could be distinguished. At the same time there are two things which prevent the music of DAYS OF ANGER to be called exceptional: 1) as if the retro solos are taken from 80es heavy metal bands, and 2) the structure of the songs: couplet, chorus, couplet, chorus, chorus, motto, motto, motto - also has become old and it does not suit to their heavy gender.


"Death Path" is full of contradictions. This is a new band formed from veterans. A rather modern metal sound is poured into a structure of an old pop song. There are too fast and too slow songs. A clear message is dressed in a chaotic music forms. The compelling cover artwork is in the suit of nave collage. If DAYS OF ANGER want to be a thrash metal band perhaps they will grow slowly, as it happened to WITCHERY.


01. Damaged

02. All Pigs Must Die

03. One Way Ticket Down (To Hell)

04. Symptoms

05. Stone Cold Killer

06. Fuck That (Silly God)

07. Hands of Evil

08. Spit on Your Grave

09. Buried Alive

10. Life Form

Label: Massacre Records
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Reviewed by: Maria D. S.
Date: 4 March, 2011