Style: Thrash/speed/black/death metal King Diamond style
Release date: October 2010
Playing time: 54:54

Ten years in the black metal band Melechesh, and then vocalist and bassist Carpathian Wolf decides to focus on his one-man-army project Conspiracy. Good move? Hard to tell if you, like me, don't know Melechesh, but I reckon if they've been at it for more than ten years, they must be up to something.

'Irremediable' is also up to something. A lot, in fact. Too much, really. There are many good passages on the album, most of these intrumental, synthesized orchestration. There are also tunes like Black Mass, Pentagram and Irremediable that sound as if they want to be King Diamond and Mercyful Fate songs...without actually making the grade. Irremediable is almost embarrassingly a wanna-be 'Abigail' track, with church organ, falsetto vocal and the whole lot. And a touch of Manowar's 'Crown and the Ring' - auch!

It may well be that I'm not being fair, but this hurts my old-skool, it doesn't move me in the right way, I'm not loving it. Try it on yourself, you might like it, but I'm not convinced.


01. Nocturnal Hunters
02. Ouverture (Instrumental)
03. Black Mass
04. End Of Religion
05. Pentagram
06. The Invocation Of Hecate
07. Irremediable
08. The Hag
09. Armageddon Broke
10. A Dream Of Fear
11. Carpathian Sunset (Instrumental)
12. Bukovina

Label: Pulverised Records
Promotion: Sure Shot Worx
Artwork rating: 75/100
Reviewed by: Thomas Nielsen
Date: 27 July, 2011
Website: Conspiracy @MySpace