Corpse Molester Cult
Corpse Molester Cult
Style: Scandinavian Death 'n' Roll
Release date: 14 March, 2011
Playing time: 16:59

Aside from a seriously badass name CMC doesn’t have much to offer in terms of originality. Then again, I don’t think originality is what they are after anyway, and as far as true slow-paced Death Metal goes, this is by no means a bad album!

The recipe they follow is the Old School of Gothenburg, which is not that surprising as CMC is utterly Scandinavian in it’s line-up, even boasting Tomi Joutsen of Amorphis (not as lead singer!).
The music is grinding yet melodious, forming a link between the primordial Death and Doom Metal of the mid 80’s and the, primarily Swedish, Death’n’Roll of the 90’s. In other words CMC is running the same musical obstacle course as Entombed and Gorefest.

This demo, as they call it even though it’s actually backed by a label (?), contains four songs of almost equal quality, all of them following a set path (straight to hell, I presume). The inevitable sound-samples from more or less obscure horror movies (oh, and the first Rambo movie!) is in place.

These are four solid songs, without much variation and well within well-known musical territory. Nonetheless it has it’s upsides – especially the vocals. This is a re-release of a demo and so far the only thing out there by CMC. I’m looking forward to the first full length!


1: Born from the Whore
2: The Divine Art of Amputation
3: Sadistik
4: Nefastus Inanis


Label: Hammerheart Records
Distribution: Hammerheart Records
Reviewed by: Martin Schjönning
Date: 17 March, 2011