In Witch Order
Style: Stoner Doom Metal
Release date: May 2011
Playing time: 44:45

The guitar player Mat Davis was in the line up of the Canadian thrashers M.A.D. – a band that was active in the period 1988-1994. When he met the drummer Al McCartney (then playing in the doom metal band NOSFERATU) they began to set their creative energy in different projects. In 2006 Mat moved to San Francisco and started his new music seeking. There he found Elizabeth Blackwell – singer and bass-player then in a psychedelic rock band. In such a way the trio CASTLE was formed in 2010.


“In Witch Order” is an amalgam from stoner doom metal and psychedelic rock. The sound definitely is metal – although the riffs are slower they are rather heavy. The connection between CASTLE and the bands announced as their inspiration indeed is very strong. The main expression of BLACK SABBATH goes into the slow heaviness of CELTIC FROST and reaches the psychedelics of VOIVOD. Elizabeth is a low female voice which has psychedelic intensions. Although this she often imitates the early OZZY – who was psychedelic for itself for these times. The slow heavy riff inevitably should be compared to CANDLEMASS. Some passages are as played by metallized DOORS. As a whole the music of CASTLE is rather diverse and the band possesses the idea of something extraordinary and occult.


Although the rich inventions, the unique data and the serious theoretical essence of the project, the final music result is not an exceptional event. Everything is sinking into an amorphous metal mist without any of its components to shine. The music analysis will be impressive... But if you listen music for pleasure this album would not impress you enough. The stoner sound and some of the quotes make it faceless.


Lots of metal fans could find something for themselves in this release. But the people who would say “I want exactly this!” are few. Mat, Al and Elizabeth have to achieve new horizons.


01. Descent Of Man
02. Fire In The Sky
03. Slaves Of The Pharao
04. Knife In The
05. Total betrayal
06. Spellbinder
07. Lost Queen
08. Shaman Wars
09. Sleeping Giant
10. Butcher of
Los Angeles
Devils Castle

Label: Van Records
Distribution: Van Records
Reviewed by: Maria D. S.
Date: 16 May, 2011