Buck Satan & The 666 Shooters
Bikers Welcome! Ladies Drink Free
Style: Country Core
Release date: 16 December, 2011
Playing time: 50:43

Al, Al, Al, you crazy son of a bitch. As if The Revolting Cocks wasn't enough, and bringing back Ministry for that matter, you had just had to do this, right? A country inspired industrial metal album?! What were you thinking?

I can't say it's not because I grew up with hardly any exposure to country music and that it's therefore in no way a part of my backbone, but, hell and damnations, I really think this is a measily output. Alright, alright, the first couple of minutes are fun. It's good to be surprised, to listen to something different for a while. In this case a little while. But that's not how it is here. It goes on. For over 50 minutes.

Jourgensen and his partners in crime get some points for not giving a hoot and just doing what they want and for the entertainment value (however shortlived it may be), but this is one album I had to literally force myself to listen to from one end to the other (and I even had to do it more than once)!

Can't wait to see Ministry again at Wacken 2012, but for now...

Next, please!


01. Quicker Than Liquor
02. What’s Wrong With Me
03. Medication Nation
04. Drug Store Truck Drivin’ Man
05. The Only Time I’m Sober Is When You’re Gone
06. Cheap Wine, Cheap Ramen
07. Down The Drain
08. Sleepless Nights and Bar Room Fights
09. Friend of the Devil
10. Ten Long Years In Texas
11. I Hate Every Bone In Your Body Except Mine
12. Take Me Away

Label: 13th Planet
Promotion: Target (DK)
Artwork rating: 70/100
Reviewed by: Thomas Nielsen
Date: 10 December, 2011
Website: www.facebook.com/Bucksatan666