Blind Horizon
Parallax Theory
Style: Death Thrash/Heavy Metal
Release date: 4 October, 2010
Playing time: Total playing time

I've now listened to this album about ten times. I like parts of it. A song like I Am Your God for example. Really cool, progressive piece with loads of lovely riffs and elements. And there are many good instances on the album as heavy metal pure is mixed with more death thrash inspired stuff as well as the more almost jazzy stuff of Shadowman and Trip For You.

That said, I'm not entirely happy. There's something that not quite triggering my enthusiasm, and I'm desperately trying to put my finger on what it is exactly that turns this Italian effort into a flawed equation in my ears.

Perhaps it lacks a red thread? Perhaps simply that indefinable 'it' that's missing in the song writing and sound - the spark of magic that won't light the fire of metal joy? I can't tell exactly, but fact remains that I feel this needs to be worked with to give me a real experience.


1. Sex On The Phone (5:16)
2. I Am Your God (5:39)
3. Trip For You (7:58)
4. I Deify You (5:23)
5. Parallax (8:00)
6. White Echoes (5:57)
7. All Souls' Song (5:34)
8. Shadowman (9:32)

Label: Spider Rock Promotion
Promotion: Spider Rock Promotion
Artwork rating: 65/100
Reviewed by: Thomas Nielsen
Date: 22 March, 2011
Website: Blind Horizon @MySpace