Blood Magick Necromance
Style: Blackened Death Metal
Release date: 14 January, 2011
Playing time: 40:42

Staying true to the twisted blackened deathscape of painful perversity, gore-munching atrocities and anti-christian militarism, the Austrian veterans of Belphegor has once again made a solid album!

Belphegor never compromised, and obviously they are not about to. Blood Magick Necromance, however lame the title, is a concrete wall of sound, topped with barbed wire and broken glass. You hit this wall at full speed when you press the play button. The first track, "In Blood - Devour this Sanctity", simply crushes your skull. No intro, no warning, just pure and cold Germanic black metal.

During Blood Magick Necromance the changes in tempo and temperament are few and far between. The slow-paced, atmospheric "Discipline Through Punishment" is a grand example of melodic black, and aligns itself with the Belphegor neo-classics "Fukk the Blood of Christ" (Lucifer Incestus, 2003) and "Sex Dictator Lucifer" (Bondage Goat Zombie, 2008).

In the ultra-fast lane we have "Sado Messiah", the last track of the album. As always the drumming is impressive, to say the least. An assortment of brutally simple and melodiously intricate chords dominates the entire album - the hysterical pig-squeal vocals of albums past now more like an instruments, backing up the strings.

I have very few complaints about this piece of nastiness. One could be the lack of a truly memorable song - like the examples from earlier albums above. However, when all the songs are so well-composed as these, it is hard for one or two to stand out.


1. In Blood - Devour This Sanctity (05:31)
2. Rise to Fall and Fall to Rise (06:01)
3. Blood Magick Necromance (07:00)
4. Discipline Thorugh Punishment (04:05)
5. Angeli Mortis De Profundis (03:00)
6. Impaled upon the Tongue of Sathan (05:42)
7. Possessed Burning Eyes (05:33)
8. Sado Messiah (03:50)

Label: Nuclear Blast
Distribution: Warner Music Danmark
Reviewed by: Martin Schjonning
Date: 17 January, 2011