Barbarian Prophecies
Remember the Fallen
Style: Death Thrash
Release date: 2011
Playing time: 63:00

It's not unusual for me to receive promo CD's out of the blue from hopeful bands who have put their heartblood into coming up with music and recording it. It's a bit more unusual when you receive no less than two CD's from one band. The Spanish band Barbarian Prophecies have been kind enough to send me not only their latest promo, 'Remember the Fallen', but also their previous CD, 'Condemned Land...The War Begins'. In a way, this is a clever move, because it certainly shows how the band has developed.

'Condemned Land' from 2008 is, to say it the least, a messy affair. It's an attempt at putting together a work of technical death thrash, but it's not working at all. Although definitely showing potential, there's no red thread and the album as a whole leaves you more frustrated than anything else. [40/100]

'Remember the Fallen' is an altogether different kettle of fish. Some transformation!

Much more focused and decidedly more thrash than death, the latest CD from Barbarian Prophecies displays a band that is capable of putting together a complete and rounded album with nice clean guitar pieces and riff-laden thrash metal that is influenced by both Euro-thrash, Slayer and the Bay Area. In a way more simple than it's predecessor and by strides better produced, 'Remember the Fallen' offers effective hooklines and bombastic metal in abundance.

Forget all about sending out the first CD, lads, just stick with the new one - it's worth a listen and should make label folk interested too, I'd wager. Good one.


01. Rotten under the stones
Remember the fallen
Baptized by wolbes
Voices from beyond
Hunter from hunter
Lost souls
Neverending winter
Frozen winds
The tomb

Label: None
Distribution: None
Artwork rating: 60/100
Reviewed by: Thomas Nielsen
Date: 28th of June, 2011