Baldrs Draumar
Forefedres Fortellinger
Style: Folk Metal
Release date: 25 November, 2011
Playing time: 52:12

I saw this guys playing at Dokk'em Open Air last year and I have to admit that they gave a good show. Due to financial choices one must make, I missed the album release party as opener for In Extremo in Bolwerk, Sneek. I chose for Thrash Fest Classics in Romein instead. At last summer's gig you could feel the member' pleasure in playing and the dedication to what they are doing. It is not always easy to make the music sound interesting on CD also. You only have the songs left without the show and that is an other cup of coffee.

The band hails from Frisia (The Netherlands), but they use Norwegian song titles. The usual stuff you can expect from a Viking/Folk metal band can also be heard on this album. Harsh singing combined with clean ones and with gang shouting in the choruses. Folky melodic elements; spoken parts; good riffs; nice keyboard arrangements; flutes; polka rhythms; the band has it all. Heidevolk is the most known folk band hailing from the Low Land, but I am almost certain that Baldrs Draumar will finish second (soon). The songs have Norwegian titles, but have English lyrics which tell the story about the person Baldur.

Fans that are into Finntroll and bands playing the same kind of style will have pleasure with this record.


01. Baldrs Drommer
02. Eden Av Guder, Mennesker Og Traer
03. Med Sleipner Rir Er
04. Vegtamskvida
05. Hod Og Mistelteinen
06. Kremasjons Lld
07. Hels Kraw
08. Og Dere Skal Sorge
09. Slangen Forgifter Den Utkledde
10. Til Sine Dagers Ende
11. Ved Valhallas Bal

Label: Independent
Distribution: --
Reviewed by: Reinier de Vries
Date: 17 December 2011