Truths Denied
Style: Aggressive Prog Metal
Release date: 2009
Playing time: 49:50

In 1996 six young men went into the depths of progressive metal. They chose the name LANDGUARD and developed their mission with constancy. Four demos and a full length album are born. In 2004 their inertia is murdered by the reality. As a result of frustration the Italians changed their vocalist. They also changed their name to AXIOM and made the sound heavier.


The heavy riff in the beginning of the album and the almost death metal guitar blend and the aggressive notes from the voice of Simone Grallinaro emphasize what exactly has been changed in the band. However immediately is shown respect toward the tradition with strong presence of keyboards and tender vocal lines belonging to Raffaele “Lello” Acampa. This duality reigns over the album during the whole playing time – from prog tech thrash till almost pop melodies.


The philosophical base of “Truths Denied” about the sense of life and death is so dispersed in the diversity of music forms that this imposed AXIOM to write a literary introduction about their music. The compositions are made complex with rather transcendental lyrics. This appeared to play a bad trick to the band because the wealth turned to overloading. The complex rhythm decisions and the strong guitars are smashed by the keyboards which are too onward and often pull the songs into the melody of AOR-chart. While the minor melodies suit them the happy ones directly drive back.


As if the eclectics of AXIOM calls for concentration. The frustration has not turned to solid power yet. The axioms could not be proofed but they are true assertions based on the laws of the universe. AXIOM are still a complex theorem with a proof that is not found yet.


01. Truths Denied

02. Never Die

03. Human Race

04. Red Eyes

05. Dawn Is Coming

06. Scar

07. Seven Steps To The Grave

08. State Of Grace

09. A Revolution Inside

10. Keep The Rain

Label: Self-Released
Reviewed by: Maria D. S.
Date: 16 May, 2011