Style: Power Metal
Release date: 28 January, 2010
Playing time: 46:49

This is the good stuff right here. One of the highest rungs of power metal. Galloping guitars and thumping bass work, kept in tempo with excellent drum work and overseen by the terrific vocals of Magnus Winterwild.

It's a great album with a terrific atmosphere, and an accomplished bit of music. BUT! in the interest of nitpicking, I would say that the only thing missing is the chest pumping anthem. Tracks of truly great power metal - tracks like "Daydreamer" off of their album "The Inquisition", you know the kind I mean, tracks where you can pump your fists and belt along with the chorus, and not even care that the other passengers on the train are giving you weird looks. Still, all in all a pretty sweet album.

01. Dogs of War (11:46)
02. The Escape (3:53)
03. Tears of the Sun (3:22)
04. Agony (5:56)
05. Aftermath (3:50)
06. A New Breed (4:51)
07. Dead Kingdom (4:53)
08. Until Your Dying Breath (5:06)
09. Signs of a Lie (4:28)
10. Forever the Pain (5:30)
Label: IceWarrior Records
Distribution: Rock It Up Records
Reviewed by: Andy Wolfe
Date: 28 January, 2011