Forever More
Style: Progressive Metal
Release date: 14 October, 2011
Playing time: 50:57

Four years have passed since "Illumination" was released, and Awake has used the time to grow into a tighter and stronger unit: everything has taken at least one step ahead.

"Forever More" is all-in-all a better and more rounded album and sees them moving out the Evergrey shadows that hung over them in the beginning of their career. They have moved on and have found a sound of their own on this album. They come across in a heavier and darker version, where everything falls nicely into place. The foundation is still a powerful version of progressive metal and the new guitar duo fits right in like they've always been a part and Simon Shedwell shows that he should be counted among the up-and-coming young progressive metal vocalists.

"Forever More" is a mature, well thought out and played album with a good production, but I fear that it will have a hard time standing up against the massive flow of great progressive metal releases we see right now, but if you liked "Illumination" then I suggest you pick this one up because it is simply a better album and a move in the right direction for Awake.


01. Into the Storm (2:12)
02. Out of Control (4:20)
03. Release Me (3:47)
04. Drift Away (4:47)
05. Taken (4:39)
06. Closing the Doors (3:00)
07. Bleed from You (5:04)
08. For the Moment (5:24)
09. Hold On (4:18)
10. One Wish (5:04)
11. King (3:37)
12. Forever More (4:15)

Label: Lion Music
Distribution: Border Music Distribution AB
Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen
Date: 8 October, 2011