Style: Progressive Rock
Release date: 15 April, 2011
Playing time: 54:10

Aura takes us back to the 70s, re-creating the atmosphere and drama that made the progressive rock scene so special back then. The keyboards are clearly playing a dominant part in their sound and are setting the tone for their music. "Deliverance" is their second album, their first one "A Different View from the Same Side" should be more in the progressive metal vein, but not much metal is to be found on this album.

Accordingly to tradition; "Deliverance" is a concept album telling a man's dream: he travels through Palestine and lives again the sufferings of the Israeli people and Jesus Christ himself to reach his redemption, at the end. The music to back the story up is the real hero here; with influences of some the most important 70s progressive rock bands like Genesis, ELP and Pink Floyd, all in their more keyboard-laden phases. And with a good and clear production we end with an interesting piece of progressive rock that will surely appeal to fans that like progressive rock with roots in the 70s wearing today's uniform.

Good one!

01. The Arrival (8:20)
02. In My Memories (6:17)
03. Egypt's Call (4:46)
04. The Eden's Tree (5:55)
05. Efraim (2:01)
06. A Candle's Dream (5:33)
07. The Bridge of Silence (6:00)
08. The Glorious Day (6:51)
09. The Last Stand (3:54)
10. Resurrection (4:07)
Label: Spider Rock Promotion
Distribution: Spider Rock Promotion
Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen
Date: 5 April, 2011