The Involution Philosophy
Style: Tech-Thrash Metal
Release date: 25 March, 2011
Playing time: 48:26

The multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Bruno Masulla dissipated his abilities in several speed/power/thrash bands. Perhaps for this reason his regular infant – ANNIHILATIONMANCER is still with a modest discography. The band which is inspired by the American thrash scene began to play in the dark years for this gender 1994-1995.


No matter of their early inspirations the tech-thrash of Italians went closer to another scene… The representatives of the early English thrash scene have similar fate in many options: strong thrash debut, followed by elite and complex album and a garland of a little bit belated experiment which usually murders the band. The music of ANNIHILATIONMANCER is at the level of the second stage of the development of the English classicists – complex long compositions with pretentious lyrics and instrumental achievements. The name to which they are close is one – SEVENTH ANGEL. The similarity is emphasized by some music decisions and also by the vocal lines. The sound is specific – it is not rather precise, it has dominating center frequencies of the guitars and meager drums – a trade mark of the English thrash bands from 80es-90es. I can point another interesting parallel between Bruno Masulli and Ian Arkley-the brain of SEVENTH ANGEL: both of them have secondary doom projects, which shows somewhat similar music seeking.


I will also quote the comparisons from the press sheet: WATCH TOWER and TOXIC – two elite American bands which try to live their revival now. The Italians do not aim to play at the stadiums; they play music for connoisseurs of the intelligent and complex thrash metal. Their symbol “The Bleeding Peace” included in their logo carries serious messages of the contemporary culture.


“The Involution Philosophy” has been self-released in 2010 to be officially released during this year. The album is hard for gulping but it will bring delight to every tech-thrash maniac. The concentrated head banger will face some difficulties to catch the rhythm but in my opinion ANNIHILATIONMANCER have achieved what they wanted. It is hard to find the balance in such a concept but the band has already made his trace. We wait the continuation!


01. Antimateria

02. Etereo

03. The Involution Philosophy

04. Apolide

05. Impoverishment God Existence

06. Corner of the Answers

07. Reflected in her Life

08. Mind Surrounds the Cavities of Fear

Label: Pure Underground Records
Distribution: Twilight
Reviewed by: Maria D. S.
Date: 7 May, 2011