Style: Hardcore
Release date: 2011
Playing time: 51:10

I wonder how this band decided to name the band Amawak? Did anyone say: 'Let's name our band: "A Man A Wolf A Killer"? The other members then concluded that it was too long and so it became Amawak? A Wife A Slut A Tramp might be a good band name too (Awasat) and what's wrong with Amadaa (I let you readers guess what it stands for). Let's cut the crap and get to the music on this album.

This Austrian band plays hardcore music with thrash influences and adds melodic guitar work to it. The vocals are harsh hardcore shouts varied with cleaner ones. I know for sure this band will make the hardcore audience crazy during a live performance, but when you have to listen to 13 tracks on the CD it tends to get a little boring. In several songs the melodic guitar work makes the song more interesting, but in the end I have to decide that 'Wolfthrasher' is a mediocre hardcore album. A lot of bands fish in the same pond and I don't think Amawak has reached the point where they can catch the biggest fish. A promising album with groovy parts, but they have to develop more and especially the more melodic singing parts have to become stronger. Hardcore fans should take a listen and perhaps they find enough interesting stuff on this release.


01. The Eternal Plague
02. Hellhound
03. The End of Days
04. Prove Yourself
05. The Things We Hold Dear
06. Give It Back
07. Defeat Denied
08. Wolfthrahser
09. Sonata de Lobo
Stood to Tall
11. Until the End                                                12. Yukon                                                         13. Carry This Torch

Label: Independent
Artwork rating: 20/100
Reviewed by: Reinier de Vries
Date: 2 September, 2011