Style: Power Metal
Release date: 14 October, 2011
Playing time: 44:12

“Boooring!!” That was my first reaction to Almah’s “Motion” at the first listening I do before reviewing an album. However my instinct kept poking at my conscious mind, as if to tell me I was missing something. It turned out I was not missing just something but a huge mass of things.

Almah’s music is Progressive Rock played with a strongly melodic edge. A ‘Power Metal’ epithet will also do just fine. The band evolved from a side project of Angra singer Edu Falaschi into a full-fledged band (one which also features Angra bassist Felipe Andreoli in the stable line-up).

“Motion” is very much a song-oriented album but the level of musicianship displayed in all departments is utterly amazing. In particular, the guitar solos keep coming at you from nowhere like powerful right hooks and leave you with your jaw wide open. Truly awesome stuff. It also strikes me that some of these songs are quite tough to play live without losing their original feel. So I’d be intrigued to see what the band can make of this material from a stage.

Until then “Motion” is an album I’d strongly recommend to you, the reader, no matter what genre of Metal tends to take your fancy. And if your initial reaction will, like mine, be one of apathy, do give the album some time to open up on you. You won’t regret that.


01. Hypnotized
02. Living and Drifting
03. Days of the New
04. Bullets on the Altar
05. Zombies Dictator
06. Trace of Trait
07. Soul Alight
08. Late Night in '85
09. Daydream Lucidity
10. When And Why

Label: AFM Records
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Reviewed by: Chris Galea
Date: 1 October, 2011