Albino Bone Ritual
Reveal Thy Horrors
Style: Death Metal
Release date: August 2011
Playing time: 14:00

Persistent chaps, these three guys from Nottingham, England. I was quite impressed by their 2010 demo CD, 'Witch Doctor Demo', and you can tell that they've been working hard to top the effort.

The three songs on this demo can easily match much of the material I receive from 'real' label bands in both energy, technical provess and conviction.

The accompanying letter mentions a number of bands that have inspired the young death metal band, but what I mostly hear in this is a blend of Immolation and Napalm Death. It works like a charm.

I'm just wondering why it's only three songs? Make more music and get it out there, lads!


01. Spiral Vomit
Slaughtered Innocence
Master of All


Label: None
Distribution: None
Artwork rating: 25/100
Reviewed by: Thomas Nielsen
Date: 22 September, 2011