Landscape Revolution
Style: Power Metal
Release date: 2010/2011
Playing time: 60:46

The band originally self released this album in 2010, now it has been picked up by Canadian Metalodic Records label. "Landscape Revolution" is the debut album from Aclla and this version is out with two additional bonus tracks.

Guitar driven power metal with fast and hard pounding drums, a good vocalist and a solid rhythm section and a just above average production is what makes this a fine debut album. But chances are that they will not receive much recognition for their efforts, simply because the marked is firmly swamped with up-coming power metal bands that are technical at an acceptable level, but lacks when it comes to writing songs that sets them apart from the competition.

But don't let me scare you off because "Landscape Revolution" is an good beginning, a varied and interesting album. So do give it a listen or two...


01. The Totem (04:17)
02. The Hidden Dawn (04:55)
03. Under Twilight Skies (04:15)
04. Ride (04:52)
05. Living for a Dream (05:40)
06. Aclla (04:04)
07. Overcoming (04:01)
08. Landscape Revolution (00:29)
09. Flight of the 7th Moon (04:47)
10. Trace (04:35)
11. Beyond the Infinite Ocean (05:05)
12. Sun n’ Moon (05:15)
13. Who Brings on the Night (03:52)
14. Sunlight (04:34)

Label: Metalodic Records
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Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen
Date: 28 July, 2011