Style: Death Metal
Release date: 2009
Playing time: 45:52

Formed in the distant 1994 the Germans self-produce their music. Only their full-length debut is released via Head Records. Their latest third album ‘Empusa’ is self-released as well.

The middle tempo slow death metal of ABYZZ is with simple rhythms. Although some similarities with the slow songs of DISMEMBER the manner of the performance is much more like CELTIC FROST. The reduced instrumental expressing could mislead you that the musicians are at the beginning of their path. This is an effect which they premeditatedly seek. The contra-point of the two dynamic songs (the seventh and the tenth track) denies the lack of abilities.

After a tender intro ‘Empusa’ enters in the slow traditions of the band. The first two tracks have somewhat resemblance and sound a little bit oppressive. The influence of the melodic solos and passages (as if taken from the Swedish death metal) accelerates imperceptibly but their simplifying makes them close to black metal as well. The lyrics contain meaninglessness and wandering death but they are well articulated in the traditions of the German death metal – aggressive and listenable.

‘Fear-Emptiness-Despair’ is the best track that presents the band in the lights. It pulls out from the clichés which ABYZZ and many other bands use. A harsh contrast follows ‘Alone’ – I could name it a black metal ballad. It has many acoustic parts and even folk metal solo sounding as a wind instrument. The song ‘And Now You’re Die’ returns the sparks of optimism just to throw us in the speed vortex of ‘Reborn Again’.

ABYZZ do not betray their style. This fact and their reducing approach hold the labels away from them. There are plenty bands from their rank which did not receive recognition (LEMMING PROJECT, DARK MILLENNIUM) or received it late (CELTIC FROST, GRAVE). ABYZZ are connoisseurs and they MUST have the chance to be heard by more metalheads!!!


01. Intro - Empusas Lair
02. Hekate
03. Creation Divine
04. Withered Evolution
05. The Heritage
06. My Existance
07. Fear - Emptiness – Despair
08. Alone
09. And Now You're Die
10. Reborn Again

Label: Unsigned
Promotion: Infinite Metal
Artwork rating: 45/100
Reviewed by: Maria D. S.
Date: 5 January, 2011
Website: www.myspace.com/abyzzmetal