Style: Melodic Rock
Release date: July 2nd 2010

What do you get if you mix Yes with Toto? In this case the answer is YOSO. Former Yes members Billy Sherwood (Bass) and Tony Kaye (Keyboards) have joined forces with former Toto vocalist Bobby Kimball in YOSO, the band is rounded out with Johnny Bruhns (Guitars) and Scott Conner (Drums). So the label 'super-group' is suited here...

And what has the 'super-group' created for us? Twelve melodic rock song at a very high technical level and very well crafted, packed catchy hooks and a very good vocal performance. The songs have absolutely nothing in common with early Yes, but some with their more cheesy and melodic period. And here lays my complaint; where is the power and the energy?

I do miss the little extra effort, the kick in the butt, but it never crystallizes and the album moves gently and softly along at a warm and pleasant level.

Disc two is a live disc with liver versions of some YOSO songs along with some of Toto and Yes' biggest hits and a cool Yes-medley.

"Elements" is a cool double disc set and I am sure fans of both earlier bands will get a kick out of this one...

Try out: "Yoso", "Close the Curtain", "Time to Get Up" or "Return to Yesterday".

CD 1
01. Yoso (4:18)
02. Path to Your Heart (4:22)
03. Where You'll Stay (3:42)
04. Walk Away (4:36)
05. The New Revolution (3:44)
06. To Seek The Truth (4:26)
07. Only One (3:42)
08. Close the Curtain (4:44)
09. Won t End Tonight (4:00)
10. Come This Far (4:19)
11. Time To Get Up (3:52)
12. Return to Yesterday (7:20)

CD 2
01. Yoso (5:31)
02. Rosanna (6:18)
03. Owner of A Lonely Heart (6:19)
04. Walk Away (4:47)
05. Good For You (3:38)
06. Yes Medly You r is No (8:59)
07. To Seek The Truth (4:27)
08. Hold the Line (4:18)
09. Cinema (2:04)
10. Gift with A Golden Gun (4:21)
White Sister (6:17)

Label: Frontiers Records
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen
Date: June 24th 2010
Website: www.yosohq.com