Full Confession
Style: Modern Metal
Release date: November 4th 2010
Playing time: 44:36

Some of the musicians playing in XTRUNK have left serious traces in the metal scene of France. We believe that it is not necessary to research the roots of the band because their new production breaks some traditions even between these musicians and themselves, although the eclectics and the diverse approaches to genders are something usual for the French metal bands.


The five musicians lead their new music approach under the flag of the modern contemporary sound. Indeed ‘Full Confession’ sounds modern. The aggressive vocals are too played-over and enter the perimeter of hardcore. The riff is often chopped up in the veins of the same tendency. This is not an obstacle to appear ‘crying’ EMO-moments (the second and the fifth track) which could carry away your ears to the new world. The music seeks this melody which behind the Atlantic could be considered as a Swedish death-metal – the riff although is heavy is subordinate to music conditions.


In 2007 XTRUNK had thrash influences. In their short discography the changes are not something unusual. In 2010 they stir a cocktail of hardcore, Swedish melody, soft math dynamics and tamed aggression. This is an exercise practiced by a few hundred American bands...


The comparisons in this niche are totally without any value. The philosophic image of cultural-social aggression had reached even the half-expressed logo of the band. The global village has Americanized too much this French band. Even the extreme music approaches sometimes are deprived of their witticism. XTRUNK are pleasant at first listening. But they do not satisfy any deeper seeking, at least for me.


01. Drip (0:36)
02. Silver Tray (3:28)
03. Corpses In the River (4:58)
04. Infectious Blood (4:04)
05. As an Open Secret (4:22)
06. Double Bind (4:16)
07. Thoughts of a Pessimist (4:56)
08. My Empire In Ruin (4:29)
09. From the Other Side of the Summer (4:20)
10. The World's Saliva (4:07)
11. Painted With Vulgarity (4:42)

Label: Pervade Productions/Manitou Music
Distribution: Underclass
Promotion: Epiphora Productions
Reviewed by: Maria D. S.
Date: December 11th 2010
Website: www.myspace.com/xtrunk