Heavy Metal Poison

Heavy Metal / Proto Extreme Garage Metal

Release date: September 20th 2010
Playing time: 45:18

Although the releasing of a demo, a split and numerous collective works, this is the first full length debut of WITCHCURSE. And naturally it begins with the program song ‘Witchcurse’.


In a huge part of the contemporary Greek scene there is something anarchistic, decomposing and improvising. WITCHCURSE enter exactly this theory of their native scene. The traditional heavy metal approach is combined with guitars on the front plan reminding the early proto-speed bands. Although the dual guitars attack the sound hangs down at places because of lack of deepness. Gladly you will not hear music quotations. It is not like that when it comes to solo or chorus! Frequently at these places emerges the IRON MAIDEN sound.


It seems that the order of the songs is biographical, because in the first half of the album there are two tracks which I could define as pure punk (the third and the sixth song).  Both of them are in the traditions of the Parody Rock ‘n’ Roll. The false vocal fits so well in ‘Demolition Derby’ that I would think that it is recorded in this way on purpose if the vocals do not betray a bit the melody in the whole album.


In the new songs – the second part of the album the IRON MAIDEN influence is stronger. But the production is at a level demo. The false moments in the vocals, some confused solos and the non-compensated sound as a whole provoke the feeling that the album is recorded at prima vista without mixing.


I know lots of fans with great collections of proto-extreme metal for whom this CD would be a true gem! But if you are admirer of the contemporary sound and the progressive metal do not think to reach out your hand to ‘Heavy Metal Poison’.


01. Witchcurse
02. Pay The Price
03. I Don't Want To Grow Up
04. Red Light
05. Heavy Metal Kamikaze   
06. Demolition Derby
07. Drinkers From Hell
08. Overcome The Distance
09. Hard Rockin'Man in 2010
10. Rock Unite
11. Heavy Metal Poison

Label: Inferno Records
Distribution: Inferno Records
Artwork rating: 92/100
Reviewed by: Maria D. S.
Date: November 11th 2010
Website: www.myspace.com/witchcurse6669