Wild Side
Speed Devil
Style: Hard Rock
Release date: May 21st 2010

Wild Side is Joachim Berntsen on vocals, Tom Grana and Jon Aarseth on guitars, Stian Stensrud on bass, and Ronni Arntzen on drums. This is my first encounter with Wild Side & from what I hear on “Speed Devil" it wont be my last.
 "Speed Devil" could have been the follow up for Motley Crue's "Shout at the Devil."... Joachim is a dead ringer for Vince Neil; some people would say it was Vince singing. His tone is the same, so are his vocal inflections and style of attack, it's amazing. With that being said you should get the idea of what is on offer on "Speed Devil"; Old school LA hard rock done to today’s standards & a fair bit more heavier. Think Motley Crue, Ratt & Skid Row.
 This is good stuff, but nothing new. I like "Speed Devil", it isn't the best thing I've heard this year, but I like its lack of bullshit and its big fuck you attitude!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

01. Paranoia Circus
02. Live Forever
Mine Tonight
04. Play With Me
05. Need To Deliver
06. Wild One
07. Eagle
08. Won’t Let U Go
09. Devil In Disguise
10. Always Be Me
11. Love For You
12. Speed Devil
Label: Escape Music
Promotion: Connecting Music
Reviewed by: Tye Brown
Date: June 6th 2010
Website: www.wildsidetheband.com