War from a Harlot's Mouth
Style: Avan-Guard Grindcore
Release date: October 29th 2010
Playing time: 33:00

Three months after their previous release – the split of WFHM with BURNING SKIES the band presents us a new full length album.


The parallels with NAPALM DEATH continue to be tangible and they acquired particular features; even as a sound they reach the feeling of dead-lock of “Utopia Banished”. It is indeed a surprise the total lack of thrash riffs which before we could catch in their music. The predominating hardcore has diverse slow and fast parts. But yet the third track carries reducing inventions in the veins of the late CYNIC. Here you could be enlightened that in the second song you heard an acoustic guitar solo – something which will appear on other parts in the album. After some harsher grind we are coming to another reducing point which presents a riff and samples. The combination of core, various drums, acoustic solos and reducing passages which are colored with an industrial sound immediately catches the attention of the most pretentious listener.


The concept ‘match core’ is defiled from these who are pointed as its representatives… After the electro-acoustic reductionism ‘Sugarcoat’ (the eight track) the album gradates in ‘Spinless’ which sounds as an hysterical reading of the psychedelic period of PINK FLOYD. The more complex rhythms and the expression of the spoken part in the middle of the song impart to MMX one disobedient depth. The frank psychedelic vocals of Nico are close to the sound of DISBELIEF as well. Till its end the album returns us to complex core rhythms and ND inventions, but the listener already listens with the other ear.


WFHM acquired a level of post grind break down. Their music is much advanced to be featured in somewhat frames. This is the sound of an intelligent foredoom in the society of television. Fast, middle tempo or slow passages are melted in a homogenous reasonable structure. This could be named ‘math core’, but it is something more! And the complex music here definitely is not end in itself. As a small disadvantage I can point the lack of balance in the sound of the acoustic guitars which are a little bit quiet. The rest is a brilliant shock coming out of the underground.


01. Insomnia

02. To Age And Obsolete

03. The Increased Sensation Of Dullness

04. Sleep Is The Brother Of Death

05. The Polyglutamine Pact

06. Cancer Man

07. C.G.B. Spender

08. Sugarcoat

09. Spineless

10. Recluse MMX

11. Inferno III/VI

Label: Lifeforce Records
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Artwork rating: 58/100
Reviewed by: Maria D. S.
Date: October 9th 2010