Voices of Destiny
From the Ashes
Style: Symphonic gothic metal
Release date: February 26th 2010

This CD called ’From the Ashes’ by the German band VOICES OF DESTINY is yet another album that I enjoy listening to but sadly don’t remember much from even after numerous listens.


We are talking symphonic gothic metal here and don’t worry... the music is well-played and well-produced and absolutely not a crappy release but this CD won’t catapult this band into the premier league of this genre, I’m afraid.


The music is very bombastic and you can certainly find some stinging guitar work, nice arrangements and great singing... but I miss something. I wish the singer would sing her heart out now and then. The vocal becomes too soft and “nice” in the long run. And skip the growls, okay? Or find another and better growler.


And I also miss a hammer chorus or two. Choruses that will make you go... WOW... ‘cause  every single song is sadly on the exact same level so it’s not a CD that I feel like playing over and over again.


An okay album... no more, no less.


Listen before you buy.


01. Ray Of Hope

02. Twisting The Knife

03. Return From The Ashes

04. Relief

05. Ice Cold

06. Apathy

07. Endeavour To Life

08. All Eyes On Me

09. Better Visions

10. Hourglass

11. Red Winter's Snow II Blood And Stone

12. Not The One

Label: Massacre Records
Distribution: Target Denmark
Artwork rating: 69/100
Reviewed by: Peter Laursen
Date: February 18th 2010
Website: www.voices-of-destiny.de