Tales of Loss and New Found Serenity
Style: Death Metal
Release date: October 4th 2010

I think that all you readers can't take me seriously anymore after this review (that is if you still did). You all have to think that I'm a big jingo, when I'm so extremely positive about a Dutch death metal release again. Sorry, but I can't help it, it is a very good album and believe me this has nothing to do with my origin. 'Tales of Loss and New Found Serenity' is a real hammer. I have to give the band a very big compliment for not throwing the towel in the ring after the major set back they suffered when founding member Sacha was hospitalized back in 2007 due to a major head trauma. Sacha had to step back from the band he created and the thing he loved most, playing in Victimizer.

In Niels Feekes (Toxocara) they found a new vocalist and with Romeo Gerrits (also Toxocara) they found a drummer. The new album was recorded at Split Second Sound in Amsterdam and with Dan Swano mixing and mastering the album at Unisound in Sweden, and the album has an excellent sound. It is brutal, powerful and melodic. The album starts with the last song Sacha had worked on: "For What Matters Now", this must be very special for the band and it is an ode to Sacha. The next two songs are as strong as the first one and the solo in "Feeding the Rats" is one of the better ones I have heard lately. The drums are very tight and superb in a kind of Immolation style. Romeo changes easily from fast to slower rhythms and you almost get the idea that he has 3 arms and legs. Did I already mention that the guitar riffs are murderous?

New singer Niels has a real Dutch-school sound, very aggressive, but not extremely grunted, even without the lyric sheet you should understand them. After the self released debut 'Divided as One' (2003) and the 'The Spiral Down' EP (2007), it was a very clever decision for the Deity Down Records label to sign them. This album can compete with every new international death metal release and I hope that it will be picked up by many death metal fans abroad. The band deserves it! Two thumbs up for Victimizer!


01. For What Matters Now

02. A Psalm To The Fallen

03. Bodhi's Lyric

04. Feeding The Rats

05. Left Unsung

06. Past The Eulogy

07. To Preserve From Precipice

08. Reunited For Eternity

Label: Deity Down Records
Reviewed by:

Reinier de Vries

Date: September 23rd 2010