Vetus Obscurum
Blood Revelations
Style: Black Metal
Release date: September 25th 2009

Who would have known that Vetus Obscurum was celebrating their 15 years of existence nowadays? Celebrating they haven't literately done to my knowledge, but it might not be an understatement, as the band finally got resurrected in 2008, after over ten years of public inactivity.

This long break nearly makes of Vetus Obscurum a new band at demo stadium, which is obviously not the case when you listen to Blood Revelations. I reckon that inspiration for things new isn't exactly the keyword to describe the band's new EP best, but old-school doesn't usually rhyme with novelty either. I get a 1997 feeling, am reminded of Ancient and the American way of old and dark metal, and, once my preconceived ideas have been thrown into the Fire, I am ready to embrace the dogma.

Sometimes it is disturbing by its emptiness too. Try again and focus on what you are and perfect your art of communicating.

In quest of superstitious talks, darkness to prolong the ebbing winter? Vetus Obscurum does give all that to you.


01. Vetus Obscurum
02. The Omen from the East
03. Antidote to Humanity
04. Blood Revelations


Label: Debemur Morti Productions
Reviewed by: LyM
Date: March 1st 2009