Machine Hell
Style: Heavy Speed Metal
Release date: September 20th 2010
Playing time: 54:13

If we do not count the collective releases and the live ones the veterans from Chile VASTATOR present us their fifth studio album. After the band resurrection in 2007 ‘Machine Hell’ is the second release from the inferno series.


The band has always worked in the grey zone somewhere between the classic heavy metal and the speed thrash territories. Depending on the particular form this leads to irresistible chaos or to very individual songs with pointed nature. Their previous album ‘Hell only Knows’ (2007/2008) carries the mark of the chaos and a dose of uncertainty. There is a great development in ‘Machine Hell’. The album is composed of memorizing songs and it is also in the traditions of VASTATOR.


The outlined song ‘Machine Hell’ is an ultra-speed track with screaming vocals. But this time the ‘ROB HALFORD syndrome’ is overcame and the style gets closer to EXCITER. The album continues with fast compositions where the voice of Sz. Diaz unfolds in a direction James Rivera (HELSTAR, DESTINY’S END). The replace of the guitar player of the band has a very positive effect. Besides the clearer riff, the guitar performance opens place for the manifestation of a virtuoso bass. We can hear this in the first ballad in the album ‘Fiend’. After this track the songs continue to wander between HELSTAR and JUDAS PRIEST, but it is more confidently than in the previous album. By tradition the quartet included in the album one more radio-phonic ballad ‘Reminiscence’ which also demonstrates the keyboards skills of the bass player P. Barrera. With this the part of the album with English lyrics ends.


Following their traditions VASTATOR perform songs in Spanish again. The four compositions distinguish with more conventional heavy metal approach, and also with a rather free manner of means of expression. The vocal line is clear and it is in the veins of the classical tenor singing. In own latitudes the Chilean finished the album with 11 minutes long epos. It includes a drum solo which is not a demonstration of skills; it is recorded because of its beauty.


VASTATOR demonstrate development and keeping of their traditions. For their old fans ‘Machine Hell’ has the potential to become their best album. The band extends to sound exotic for the conventional metal fan.


01. Machine Hell
02. 8.8
03. The Gods Give No Reply   
04. Fiend
05. X-terminate
06. Hawker Hunter
07. Reminiscence
08. Combustible En La Sangre
09. Puñado De Almas
10. El Ultimo Grito En El Infierno
11. Caleuche

Label: Inferno Records
Distribution: Inferno Records
Reviewed by: Maria D. S.
Date: November 11th 2010