Game On!
Style: Progressive Metal
Release date: Spring 2010

You should take this album for what it is - a tribute to video game music, a soundtrack for the 80s and 90s computer games. Consider this an intermediate album before the next full length Vangough album.

Main song writer - Clay Withrow - has basically done everything himself with the exception of the drums and a few additional keyboards and bass fillings. So this is his tribute to his favourite games over the past 25 years or so, which include games like: Mega Man 2, Wave Race 64, Super Mario Bros., Sonic the Hedgehog, Donkey Kong Country as well as a few others. What he has done is to incorporate the themes into the Vangough progressive metal sound universe and the result is ten fine instrumentals.

I like the idea and I think Clay has done a good job, so if you are interested in computer games music I suggest you check this one out!

01. Wily's Castle (MM2)
02. Marine Fortress (WR64)
03. Simon's Revenge (CVIV)
04. Your Darkest Hour (PO)
05. The Turtle King's Lair (SMW)
06. Green Hill Terror (StH)
07. Corneria (SF)
08. The Killer Instinct (KI)
09. Torvus Bog (MP2)
10. Coral Capers (DKC)
Label: Dissonance Rising Publishing
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Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen
Date: April 28th 2010