Vanden Plas
The Seraphic Clockwork
Style: Progressive Metal
Release date: June 4th 2010

Stephan Lill, GŁnter Werno and Andy Kuntz form one of the best and most consistent partnerships in German progressive metal, and each of their earlier work has been either a masterpiece or close to, and now they are back with their magnum opus; "The Seraphic Clockwork".

"The Seraphic Clockwork" is another concept album from the pen of Andy Kuntz, this time telling a story about a protagonist travelling back in time to face his God-given destiny, and it presents you eight complex marvels and reaches its climax with "On My Way to Jerusalem", one of the most complete progressive metal songs ever.

Eight additional reasons, why you should buy this album:
"The Seraphic Clockwork" is their most ambiguous, multi-layered and metal-orientated album to date.
"The Seraphic Clockwork" is their most authentic, heaviest and most epic album to date.
"The Seraphic Clockwork" is their most versatile and complete album to date.
"The Seraphic Clockwork" is packed with virtuosic and eclectic progressive metal.
"The Seraphic Clockwork" is a perfect testament to Stephan Lill's fascination for heavier bands.
"The Seraphic Clockwork" is a masterpiece and a progressive metal highlight of 2010.
"The Seraphic Clockwork" is another milestone in German progressive metal.
"The Seraphic Clockwork" is a mandatory purchase for progressive metal fans.

01. Frequency (6:16)
02. Holes in the Sky (5:32)
03. Scar of an Angel (7:28)
04. Sound of Blood (6:50)
05. The Final Murder (9:54)
06. Quicksilver (8:59)
07. Rush of Silence (9:28)
08. On My Way to Jerusalem (12:53)
09. Eleyson (5:32) (Bonus track)
Label: Frontiers Records
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen
Date: May 14th 2010