Man of Two Visions
Style: Traditional Doom Metal
Release date: July 6th 2010
Playing time: 37:24

Originally issued back in 2008, Valkyrie’s second album has now been re-issued on Meteor City; this time on CD. When it came to my knowledge that Pete Adams is playing guitar on this album, I became very excited since I really love his work in Baroness and one thing is for sure, the musicianship on this album is very good though one should not expect this to be an undiscovered Baroness album.

Valkyrie plays a sort of stoner infused traditional doom metal with the roots in southern rock 70’s hard rock as well as in NWOBHM quite audible as well. All things I like very much and it could make up for a near perfect album, but somehow it does not. It is one of those albums I feel I should like because of all the ingredients but it lacks “something”, don’t get me wrong it is an album way above par, it is just not “perfect”.  No doubt about that Valkyrie has to be a great live band as well, the music just asks for a live setting.

The two major strengths of” Man of Two” Visions are the guitar work and the vocals. The vocals are very distinct and layered in an interesting way and create a feelgood atmosphere that one would not expect on a doom album. The twin guitar work is just excellent and the album is full of good riffs and a good interplay between the two guitars.

So if you like good well played hard rock, southern rock, doom or classic 70’s rock you could do a lot worse than checking “Man of Two Visions” out.


1. Running Out   
2. Dawntide's Breeze   
3. Green Highlander   
4. Apocalypse Unsealed   
5. False Dreams   
6. The Gorge   
7. Man of Two Visions

Label: Meteor City Records
Promotion: Gordeon Music
Artwork rating: 21/100
Reviewed by: Steen Schøn
Date: November 1st 2010