Style: Black/Thrash Metal
Release date: September 24th 2010

Unholy Satan worshippers have something to look out for this month. The new Unlight album sees the light (or should I say dark?). Black Metal is not my favourite style of music, but when they use lots of thrash influences I get excited. Fortunately these Germans have lots of thrash influences embedded in the songs. I didn't expect a new album so fast because not a lot of water has run under the bridge since the release of 'Death Consecrates With Blood' (January 2009).

The black songs with thrashy riffs do remind me of Dissection and some Immortal influences pass by as well. The vocals of Blaspherion aren't completely my favourite taste, but they fit the music. The melodic riffs and the standard high speed make this album; 'Sulphurblooded' a nice album to listen to. A song like "Sic Transit Gloria Mundi" has all the ingredients for a black/thrash song. Nice riffs, high speed parts and enough variation. The only strange thing is that you hear a screaming baby and a goat at the beginning of the song, no idea what they want to express with it?!

With "Invictus" and "Deine Waffen Zu Meinen FuBen" they have 2 songs in their own language too, but you can hardly hear the difference from the rest. Nice and brutal album, it can be called 'A Blackthrash Blasphemy' indeed. 


01. Sulphurblooded

02. Dead All Things Will Be (Part I)

03. Sic Transit Gloria Mundi

04. Pale Rider - Pale Horse

05. Become An Opponent

06. Sound Forth The Trumpets ...
 That Shall Never Call Retreat

07. Invictus

08. Dead All Things Will Be (Part II)

09. By The Seventh Spell....
 A Blackthrash Blasphemy

10. Deine Waffen Zu Meinen FuBen

Label: Massacre Records
Promotion: Target (Denmark)
Reviewed by:

Reinier de Vries

Date: September 14th 2010
Website: www.myspace.com/unlightblackmetal