Two Fires
Burning Bright
Style: Melodic Rock
Release date: September 24th 2010

Two Fires is back, or should I say Kevin Chalfant? Because he is the only remaining member from the line-up from their two earlier highly acclaimed albums, but no need to worry, the quality hasn't suffered one bit. Kevin Chalfant is one of the longest serving members of the AOR and melodic rock scene, spending his time in bands like 707, Journey, The Storm, The Alan Parsons Live Project and Two Fires. And his signature is clear and bright on this album...

"Burning Bright" is a perfect mishmash of what this genre has to offer, never at any stage leaving the very safe confinements, but still delivering at a high level. Don't expect any thinking out-side of the box here, all the fine virtues and trademarks are covered with conviction. Star of the show is clearly Kevin Chalfant and he does it in style without stealing the show, leaving enough room for everyone to shine on their own.

This is early 90s style melodic rock brought up to date sound wise, solid as a rock arena rock that should go down like sweet honey for any Journey or The Storm fan. Another fine Frontiers Records release that proves that they are setting the pace, making it hard for the rest to catch up with them...

Good one!

01. Is It Any Wonder (4:06)
02. Lost in the Song (4:14)
03. Some Things Are Better Left Unsaid (5:28)
04. Epic in the Night (4:10)
05. Shattered Without You (5:10)
06. Burning Bright (4:35)
07. Hold on to Your Dream (5:24)
08. Still in Love (3:31)
09. Answer to My Prayer (3:55)
10. Relentless (3:52)
11. All for One (4:14)
Label: Frontiers Records
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen
Date: September 15th 2010
Website: Kevin Chalfant @ MySpace