Satan in the Vatican
Style: Death Metal
Release date: May 14th 2010

TrustNo1 is based in Austria and was formed by 3 core-members of the gothic metal band Darkwell. All the lyrics have a kind of political subject or something to do with actual global matters; death metal with lyrics we expect from punk bands so to say. More interesting in my opinion is the music they play.

Expect old school death Metal that can be best compared with a band like Bolt Thrower. Vocalist Raphael sounds like Chris Barnes of Six Feet Under and the songs are all rather short and to the point. No difficult technical tour de forces here - just straight, plain and decent death.

Certainly an album that will find its way to some death metal fans, but the album is too average to have any more effect. I would consider you to listen to it first and then decide if it is worth your money.


01. Red Star

02. Holodomor

03. Neda

04. Political

05. II Duce

06. There is No God

07. Satan In the Vatican

08. m-26-7

09. 1532

10. Brother No1

Label: Twilight
Distibution: Twilight Vertrieb Gbr
Reviewed by:

Reinier de Vries

Date: May 6th 2010