Neo-satanic Supremacy
Style: Norwegian Black Metal
Release date: January 29th 2010

Troll's first record in a decade, Neo-satanical Supremacy is a raging piece of symphonic black-metal.

The titles will probably not inspire the ones in search of a deeper meaning of life, and little less can be said about the lyrics. Take it or leave it. Better concentrate on the orchestration.

One gets no rest through the ten new compositions. This is both good and bad. The record is cool to listen to, much more elaborate than the former ones, and with some of the characteristics of Covenant or newer Dimmu Borgir in some of the riffs' symphonic, epic character. It might sound cliché, but it is difficult not to agree on that one. In a way it sounds like Troll, but if you listen to old Troll, you will find it difficult to find details that match, unless the point is to draw similitudes on the instruments' level and particularly the profusing use of the synth. Can the red thread simply be blamed on the influence of Troll and Covenant's main man? There's in any case some old Dimmu Borgir coming from under Troll's cloak in "Mørkets Skoger".

What I regret is that the rage and drama in Neo-satanic Supremacy gets kind of repetitive after a while. With a great live sound though, the slower parts might be a fury, both to play onstage and to bang to in the pit.

A cool record by good musicians, without a deeper meaning in its content. Sometimes it might just be what one's after.


01. Til Helvete med alt
02. Alt for Satan
03. Gå til Krig
04. Burn the Witch
05. Mørkets Skoger
06. Hvor Tåken ligger så trist og grå
07. Neo-satanic Supremacy
08. At the Gates of Hell
09. Smertens Rike
10. Age of Satan

Label: Napalm Records
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Reviewed by: LyM
Date: April 1st 2010