Eparistera Daimones
Style: Death/Doom Metal
Release date: March 22nd 2010

Tom Gabriel Fischer (Warrior), if that name doesn't ring a bell, you must just have joined the world of metal music. Was Celtic Frost the follow-up to Hellhammer, then Triptykon is the follow-up to Celtic Frost. Tom has been an inventor of new musical styles from the beginning. The dark, atmospheric and doomy sounds he created with HellHammer and Celtic Frost have been copied by many, but never exceeded.

'Eparistera Daimones' is definitely an album written and created by Tom. It is heavy, it is dark, it is slow, it is fast, it has recognizable guitarsounds, and it is depressive and so on and so on... You could easily state that 'Eparistera Daimones' is the logical successor of Celtic Frost's 'Monotheist', but that would not do this album justice. It is far more than that, although there are similarities of course.

My admiration for the album grows spin after spin. The slow crawling crunchy guitar riffs, which carry the songs are very addictive and effective. With Tom's unique vocals and the creepy dark atmosphere, Triptykon creates a rather depressive sound. The first two tracks are rather heavy and slow most of the time. "In Shrouds Decayed" is for the biggest part a dark serene song, which accelerates half-way into a heavy track. After the short instrumental "Shrine", "A Thousand Lies" explodes out of the boxes, full speed ahead. This is the fastest track on this album and it sees to it that the next songs even sound slower than they probably are. Next song "Descendant" is a doomy track carried by the nice slow guitar riffs.

With "Myopic Empire" they wrote one of the best songs on this album, especially the clean singing and the piano part sees to it that the song becomes something extraordinary. Just when you think you have had the best, they come with a splendid dessert. The sincere and serene track "My Pain" is the perfect intro to the longest song on the album "The Prolonging". Probably one of the best doom tracks I have heard lately. The sloooooooow tempo and the heavy sound remind me of the band Winter. The exquisite thing about the song is, that despite the length, it never gets boring.

In my opinion Tom G. Fischer's (Warrior) best record in many years. A good investment that delivers you over 70 minutes of atmospheric doomy death metal.


01. Goetia (11:00)

02. Abyss Within My Soul (9:26)

03. In Shrouds Decayed (6:56)

04. Shrine (1:43)

05. A Thousand Lies (5:28)

06. Descendant (7:41)

07. Myopic Empire (5:47)

08. My Pain (5:19)

09. The Prolonging (19:22)

Label: Century Media
Distribution: EMI (Denmark)
Reviewed by:

Reinier de Vries

Date: March 6th 2010