The Road Less Travelled
Style: Hard 'n' Heavy
Release date: May 28th 2010

The second album of TRIOSPHERE hit us with strong power metal with typical for them double boxes. After the intro and the first song the band significantly slows down the tempo and demonstrates real power in creating melodies. The album passes under the sign of hard ‘n’ heavy stylistics with some hardly noticeable progressive diversions. 


The vocals of the bass player Ida Haukland are mainly in the middle register without any higher parts to be an obstacle for her. It is indeed a brilliant performance, rich of melody and without any needless singing and demonstrations of vocal abilities for their own sake. It is probably the most recognizable element of the music of TRIOSPHERE although the fact that they already have their own style. They have melted lots of hard rock in their songs and it comes from the Scandinavian school. Their melodies remind HUMAN RACE (Sweden) in the softer parts and the late ANGEL DUST when they decide to become harder. The melodies are a little bit much for me, and the classic hard rock fan would miss the keyboards.


TRIOSPHERE have created a true hard ‘n’ heavy gem and at the same time they do not sound retro and have their own face. The heart of the band beats together with this one of their hometown mates from GRIFFIN who play in rather heavier territories. “The Road Less Travelled” is perhaps an accomplishment of the more melodic ideas of the guitar player Marius Bergesen and the above mentioned lady with a titanic voice. There is definitely a lot to hear from them! Watch out!


01. Ignition (Intro)

02. Driven

03. Human Condition

04. Death of Jane Doe

05. Marionette

06. The Road Less Travelled

07. The Anger and The Silent Remorse

08. Watcher

09. 21

10. Worlds Apart

11. The Last Haven (Outro)

Label: AFM Records
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Reviewed by: Maria D. S.
Date: June 7th 2010