Style: Heavy Doom
Release date: March 8th 2010

With “Massacro” Trinakrius revisit their repertoire, picking out those songs written in their mother tongue (Italian), re-recording some of them while also throwing in the band’s “Intrinakrius” Demo, originally released in 1996. ‘Come Stai’ is the only debuting track in this release. The band’s style has always been an interesting one – downtuned guitars, trudging riffs and melancholy lyrics understandably places them within Doom Metal territory. However there’s also a lot of Blues Rock as in the Coverdale-era Deep Purple as well vintage Italian Prog Rock.

By themselves the compositions within “Massacro” are incredible and the re-recordings really seem to have given the songs a new vibrant life. There’s a lot of depth in this material but at the same time they’re still easily accessible. As suggested, the lyrics are expressions of desperation and sadness but there always seems to be some light at the end of the tunnel – this could be illustrated from these verses from ‘La Morte Del Mondo’ (‘The Death of the World’): ‘Non illuderti che la vita ti può sorridere’ (‘Don’t be fooled into thinking that life can be bright’). This is followed by: ‘L’unico filo che ti tiene appeso e l’amore’ (‘The only thing that keeps you going is love.’)

Possibly my fluency in the Italian language played some part in my appreciation of this retrospective of sorts but the emotions the album conveys are quite universal. Case in point is the enchanting psychedelic intro to “La Morte Del Mondo” and the emotion with which vocalist Flavio Rezza thereafter sings - it’s hard not to be captivated by it all. The individual level of musicianship is invariably high but “L’Era Del Male” (“Time of Evil”) possibly deserves to be singled out for an impressive display by guitarist Francesco Chiazzese who brings to mind an inspired Tony Iommi.

If the objectives of “Massacro” was to make the music of Trinakrius more accessible and remind fans what a talented band they are, then it’s certainly a case of ‘mission accomplished’. I just hope these Sicilians will stop their annoying habit of re-releasing previous compositions and always focus on new material…which it seems they are already doing while I write this. I can’t wait.


01. Massacro
02. La Morte Del Mondo
03. E Vivere Sara'
04. Come Stai

05. Inquisantesimo
06. Intrinakrius
07. I Diavoli Del Re
08. L'Eretico
09. Il Boia
10. L'Era Del Male
11. La Morte Del Mondo
12. E Vivere Sara'
13. Potenza Tribale (Instrumental)
14. Massacro

Label: Jolly Roger Records
Distribution: Jolly Roger Records
Reviewed by: Chris Galea
Date: March 26th 2010