World Destruction
Style: Black/Death Metal
Release date: March 22nd 2010

Trident consists of members from Dissection, Necrophobic and Grief of Emerald and ‘World Destruction’ is their first full length CD if I’m correct.


We are talking blackened death metal here with harsh vocals and this CD will slowly but surely win you over if you give it the time to blossom.


We get 9 songs and most of them contain both blastbeats and excellent guitar runs, however there are a few songs here that come down too messy for my taste. And the harsh vocals are a bit monotonous in the long run... but it’s still a solid release.


‘World Destruction’ does need several spins to sink in because you discover new things with each listen. And this album is not for the average metal fan... no, you should be into the harder stuff.


Fans of black/death metal should definitely check this band and this album out now.


01. The Trident

02. Jaws of Satan

03. Nemesis

04. Luciferain Call

05. Black Velvet Wings

06. Stockholm Bloodbath

07. Blackened Souls

08. Slaves to Anguish

09. World Destruction

Label: Regain Records
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Artwork rating: 69/100
Reviewed by: Peter Laursen
Date: March 11th 2010